Happy Boxing Day

According to Wikipedia:

Boxing Day is a bank or public holiday that occurs on 26 December, or the first or second weekday after Christmas Day, depending on national laws. It is observed in Australia, Austria,Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and in some Commonwealth nations that have a mainly Christian population.

However,  since I do not live in any of the aforementioned nations (although I do attend school in one), Boxing Day in my house means that my kids beat the snot out of each other due to Christmas present disputes.

Yesterday my household acquired the following technological marvels:

1.  An Xbox 360 with Kinect.  Fun.  Lots of fun.  But strangely enough, Xboxes do not play Blu-Rays, which is stinky.  And Kinectimals, while adorable, was declared to be “too hard” by the 8-year-old because the poor Kinect was overtaxed trying to track his spastic movements.

2.  A Nook Color.  Also fun, but just for me.  No one else cares.

3.  Epic Mickey.  Supposedly fun, but only for my husband.  The children have long since lost interest and have gone back to fighting.

4.  A Nintendo DSi XL.  That’s a lot of letters.  This is fun for the 5-year-old, but not so much for the 8-year-old who got a DSi last Christmas and thus wasn’t due for an upgrade.

5.  A winning scratch ticket.  That’s mine.  50 bucks, baby!

Also making an appearance is a blizzard, but Santa didn’t bring that.  Nor did he bring any groceries in anticipation of it.

Anyway, happy Boxing Day to those of you who think it’s an actual holiday.