Nook vs. Kindle

The title of this post is actually a lie.  I have never touched a Kindle so I really have no opinion on it.  But it sounds so dramatic to have a “versus,” like the two ebook readers are warring adversaries, each hellbent on the destruction of the other.  I always wanted an arch-nemesis myself.  Everyone should have an adversary to spice things up.

So on to my story:  Once upon a time, I loved to read.  I even went to college just to read, at one point a novel a day to keep up with all the literature classes.  So you know what happened next – “Ugh, not another post-modern novel about the inner workings of the soul of some jerk that no one likes!  Arrrgh!”  My reading slowed down considerably post-college, and then stopped altogether when I had kids, except for the occasional Dr. Seuss.

But anyway, a few months back I got a Barnes & Noble Nook.  Now I like to read again.  I read so much that I haven’t even watched TV in months. It’s amazing.  It’s like once Lost ended this whole alternate universe opened up.

And instead of the lengthy process of wrangling children, getting in the car, driving to the bookstore, getting overwhelmed with the sheer number of books and having no idea what to look for, I simply look up whatever I fancy at the moment and download it to the Nook in seconds.  Like at first, I was all about dystopic or apocalyptic fiction for young adults.  (I am no longer a young adult but they seem to get all the good books.)  So I read like 10 novels about the end of the world.  It was great.  Kind of a downer, but hey, so is Mad Men.

Dystopic Fiction

About the Nook – it can hold a bunch of books.  More than you will ever read so an exact number isn’t even necessary here.  It has no backlight, so it’s as if you are looking at paper, not a computer screen.  You can change the font size if your eyes are giving way, like mine are.  It can read other ebook formats (not the Kindle’s though) so if B&N doesn’t have the book you want, there’s a good chance Sony’s ebook store will.  If you get one you should get a cover so it feels like you’re holding a real book, like this:

That will also partially disguise it so you don’t feel like a dork reading it in public, or if you feel inadequate near iPad people.  Speaking of which, you can also use it to browse the internet in a pinch if you’re connected via WiFi, but I don’t usually bother because the browser kind of sucks.  But since that isn’t the main purpose of the Nook, I can overlook that flaw.  I love this thing.  It is literally my second-favorite gadget purchased in the last year.

Now that I’ve said all that, however, you probably should get a Kindle.